MISC Photos 2012

2012 Cabin Feeber Auction Photos - Fall Chinook

Mike Carlson and his son Chris contributed generously to the Cabin Fever Auction by purchasing a salmon fishing trip on the Columbia River. The trip was donated by Dan Covey and Benita Galland. Dan and Benita provided a great adventure and the group boated lots of beautiful fall chinook. Below are pictures of Mike Carlson and a picture of his nephew Jim with an example of some of the fish caught.
Mike Carlson's Chinook
Mike Carlson and his big Chinook!
Mike Carlson's nephew Jim caught this beauty.
Mike Carlson's nephew Jim caught this beauty.

LCAA Fishing Photos Spring 2012

This is Anne and Al Beardslee with and 8 pound winter fish caught during the Winter Fins & Feathers Derby

Mike Cordon caught a beautiful 15 pound chinook on the last day of March. Hope April is as great!

Riggers are down and fishing is happening

Mike Cordon fished through rain, wind  and snow to land his biggest catch of the season.  That 15 pound fish was as good as gold at the end of the rainbow.

This is a fish caught by Dan Rife around the 15th of December

Bryon Kunz bought a fishing clinic at the LCAA auction.  He had never landed a chinook before.  Mike Cordon took him out on a cold March day and found him 2 nice chinook to take home for the BBQ.


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