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July 20, 2014 Update

Lake Coeur d'Alene Angler's Association

June 10, 2016

News from The Fish Whisperer by: Roger A. Blackstone.

Hello fellow LCAA members and Derby anglers. Welcome to the 32nd annual big one derby.

I write this letter as I ponder the state of our chinook salmon fishery. While many of our efforts have been rebuilding the fishery, there are some indications that we may be missing a couple age classes of fish. Fish caught in the last few years in the big one derbies have been larger, but the number of fish to creel has dropped. Last year’s Big One Derby numbers were down 20 fish, but the size was up. Impressively, the 2015 Top 10 fish were 22-28lbs. Over the last few years (during the spring) many anglers have caught large fish, ten pounds or larger, or nothing at all

Through the years we have relied heavily on lake spawn fish. It's no secret that the fish that most of the anglers catch are not hatchery fish. Idaho Fish & Game reported seeing a stable redd count in the past few years and an increase in redds last year. While this is a good factor, it has yet to show up in our catch rates. I believe in a short period of time we could a see major impact in our fishery. All things take time and these are a four year cycle fish.

The IDFG has been planting hatchery chinook over the last decade in order to improve our fishery. In the past three years LCAA has helped IDFG clip 60,000 Chinook. The concern is, very few of them are show-ing up in the system. In recent years we have worked with IDFG and made some drastic changes to our planting of hatchery fish, with the goal of improving the rate of hatchery fish remaining in the lake. Our plan is to continue exploring and implementing methods that would increase success of the hatchery fish plant.

I want to express my thanks to those anglers releasing fish, IDFG, and those volunteers that have taken ideas and run with them to get the fishery on track. We will always have work to do. As in all fisheries there are peaks and valleys. After a solid 7 years of bouncing back, we may be peaking. This means we need to buckle down and release the smaller fish. Releasing fish under10lbs in the spring will benefit the fishery. Respect the lake and you will be rewarded. Trust me.

The other aspect of helping the fishery is the new IDFG fish report forms that will soon be available. These brief forms will help us gain knowledge if any anglers are catching those smaller fish. All we need to know is the number caught with length of the fish.

The Big One Derby is back for year 32 with more cash & prizes than ever before! We have joined the NW Salmon Series as lucky derby #5. By entering the Big One Derby you also get a chance to win a spectac-ular Hewes Craft and other prizes. Check out the info in this newsletter or go to northwestsalmonderbyseries.com. I also want to personally welcome aboard the CDA Casino this year. There will be a 4th place daily prize of $100 cash and $100 EPC courtesy of the CDA casino! You do not have to be a LCAA member to win this daily prize. CABELAS is continuing their support with the “Size Matters” contest. Yet again, the LCAA raised the bar in 2016 with members support, auction support, and sponsor support. To thank members, the LCAA Members Daily cash prize amount has been raised.

On behalf of the club, thank you for making the Big One Derby the Premier salmon fishing derby in the Pacific Northwest.

Protect the FisheriesHave a great summer, hook a BIG one!
Roger A. Blackstone
Fish Whisperer

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Roger Blackstone
Fish Whisperer